About me

This blog is intended as an easy reference guide for finding good recipes for strength and conditioning training.

The blog name comes from the kettlebell sequence called a Turkish Get Up (or TGU once you’ve said it a few times). Having learnt a lot in the last few months about how much nutrition plays an important part in getting the most out of your training, the general principles I’m aiming to adhere to are:

  •  no wheat (mainly no bread)
  • minimal dairy (i.e. if anything, goats cheese and mozzarella which are lower in fat)
  • starchy carbs only after exercise
  • stick to ingredients that are found naturally – so no processed foods, no sugar
  • lots of green leafy veg, fish and lean meat wherever possible
  • minimal grains
  • cheat day or meal once a week

From a fitness perspective, I’m also aiming to have 0.75g protein per lb of body weight (per day) – and the most refreshing thing about focussing on protein intake rather than calorie counting is that by the time you’ve hit your quota on protein you’re pretty full and you’ve eaten fairly healthily (cake doesn’t have a lot of protein in it…). If you want to know more about my eating habits, you can read more about my magic PCF ratio.

Most of my recipes and meal ideas are based on something I’ve seen online or in my collection of cookbooks. I’ve listed the best cookbooks I’d recommend here in case you’re interested.

Having learnt in the last few months about how the right nutrition has a massive impact on the results you get from training I thought I’d set this blog up. I’ll be using it as my own recipe book and nutritional ethos. I hope you enjoy it too!


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