Chickpea brownies

Well, if you ever have an overabundance of chickpeas in your pantry, here’s an excellent use for them! I made half the source recipe as I only had about 240g chickpeas but it still worked out very well. Let’s answer the obvious question – there is the merest hint of chickpeas in the final product,…

Warming ginger overnight oats

This is lovely on a gloomy morning with a warmth and spice from the ginger even though the oats aren’t cooked. The banana just melts on the tongue after a night in the fridge with oats and chia seeds and complements the ginger spiciness deliciously! It’s really simple to make but it does need to…

Chai coconut oatmeal

Who knew you could have porridge cold? I┬ádidn’t until I tried this! That does mean it’s not exactly warming on a winter’s morning, as it’s refrigerated overnight. But it is still somehow refreshing and there’s a perfect window of opportunity as spring starts to break through winter, when it’s lovely to have in the mornings.…

Banana muffins

These are labelled Banana Nut muffins on paleogrubs where we found the recipe, but in my opinion they’re not nutty enough to warrant that title! We made half the suggested amount and (although we did use pretty tiny muffin cases) it made enough for the two of us without being excessive.

Sweet potato brownies!

I found this recipe on eatdrinkpaleo and have to admit my first attempt wasn’t too successful and resembled more a dry victoria sponge consistency than brownie consistency! But on my third attempt, I’m happy enough to post the recipe and quantities/method I used – which actually beat real brownies in a blind tasting!!