Chilli bowl

The recipe I found to make this originally has got lots of comments about how this is better than an average chilli, and I certainly agree. There was a great depth of flavour and also just┬áthe right amount of heat to make you take notice but not so much that you need a pint of…

Sweet potato cottage pie

This is a great two-night meal. I’ve adapted the recipe from the Hairy Dieters which includes putting the sweet potato on top to make it slightly less carby. It does take quite a lot of time, but after the up front prep, a lot of it is cooking time.

Stuffed peppers

So I’ve been doing a lot of cooking from my trusty Primal Cravings book recently. This one is a little bit of effort but enough to do on a weeknight. I usually find a couple of tweaks from the book make the recipe work better for me, and this recipe is no different: I blanche…

Butternut squash lasagne

Now let me start of this recipe by being honest: this meal is a lot of effort. Sure, it will feed two easily for two nights, but in the spirit of honesty, it would probably be less effort to cook both nights than one night making this. I’ve made this twice now, and both times:

Beef and Vegetable Frittata

So I made this last night and it was DEElicious! I’ll even admit I was a bit sceptical about putting minced beef in a frittata, but it totally worked. The original recipe idea was from London Paleo Kitchen. I changed the recipe a bit mainly for convenience – firstly used a pan not a baking…

Sloppy Joe Meatballs

This recipe works by first making the meatballs and baking them in the over, then while they’re cooking, preparing your sauce. So the ingredients are ordered in this way.