Crazy kale, coconut and pecan salad

This was born out of the multitude of ‘thanksgiving leftovers’ recipes that you tend to see emerging online at this time of year. Although there is a conspicuous lack of turkey in this recipe but you could add it in and it would probably be quite nice.

Be warned though: if you’re not a fan of fruit in salads, this one probably isn’t for you. Although surprisingly, if you’re not a fan of kale, this one probably is for you! I’d kind of had enough of savoury steamed kale recently and this was delicious and a completely different way of doing it. Happily, this recipe can also in all honesty be called healthy, with great levels of iron and manganese (thank you kale, raisins and pecans).

My ingredients:

  • 2 big handfuls kale (steamed and cooled)
  • handful pecans
  • handful raisins
  • handful lettuce

The dressing:
I wanted something to keep the salad lively and completely change the taste of kale from what I was used to. So I went fruity and sharp:

  • 1 tsp redcurrant jelly
  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp coconut oil

I didn’t want the dressing too oily, hence the ratio, and also wanted the vinegar to slightly soften the kale leaves and plump up the raisins (which it did!). Great way to use up some leftover kale!


2 thoughts on “Crazy kale, coconut and pecan salad

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