Mushrooms on toast

So this hardly warrants a recipe but it’s more of a reminder not to underestimate the tastiness that is mushrooms on toast!

I’m not too keen on cooked breakfasts or mushrooms but for some reason I’m a big fan of this. I made it one cold morning, when we had an enormous amount of mushrooms that needed eating – and of course mushrooms always condense down a lot once they’ve been in the pan for a minute or two.

I think the key to this is thyme, and it does need to be fresh and not dried, to lift the msuhrooms and prevent the dish becoming too bland or stodgy. You also need good quality bread: artisanal wholewheat or mixed grain if possible. And of course, you need lots of mushrooms – and with mushrooms, you definitely need some garlic, even if it is for breakfast!

Mushrooms!It’s so quick and easy you can probably do it in the time it takes you to make a cup of tea to go with your breakfast! (Particularly if you’re keen on strong tea and give it a few minutes to brew, which I do.)

  1. Boil the kettle for your cup of tea. While it’s boiling, chop the required amount of mushrooms and dice or crush some garlic. Amounts of both of these is up to you to determine! I think I used cooking spray instead of butter, but whichever you’re using, put it in the pan and heat gently.
  2. Put your teabag in the cup and add boiled water. Cut as many slices of bread as you need and get them toasting. Add your mushrooms and garlic to the heated pan and stir gently, adding a sprinkle of thyme leaves. When your toast pops out of the toaster, butter it and pour the garlic thyme mushrooms over it.
  3. Add any milk or sweetening agent to your tea and sit down for your amazing breakfast!

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