Roast chicken with green beans and tomatoes

I can’t say enough good things about this dish: it’s virtually no washing up, it’s quick, fuss free, simple, flexible (in terms of ingredients and portions); not only can you mix up the vegetables, you can swap around the meat if you really want as well. And (I’m not finished!) more good things about this meal – it encourages you to be seasonal and also is a great help if you have a glut of veg or just a few different vegetables that need eating. And I can’t think of a single vegetable that doesn’t go with chicken.

It’s based on a Jamie Oliver recipe but we had way too many greeDSC_2129_2n beans so I chucked them in instead of Jamie’s suggestion of asparagus. And we didn’t have rosemary (which the recipe suggested) but I’d go so far as to say thyme (which we used instead) probably went better than rosemary anyway!

This recipe is so simple it doesn’t really warrant numbered instructions! Basically you need to preheat the oven to 200C / Gas 6 and go and root out the following from your kitchen/larder/garden:

  • meat of choice (default to one chicken breast if you’re not feeling adventurous)
  • at least one helping of veg or a combination of veg that needs using up
  • some herbs or spices to go with your meat (we just used thyme) and seasoning
  • some white wine or stock (whatever you have on hand that will complement the rest of the ingredients)

All the prep that’s needed (and it will probably take you longer to read this than to do it!) is to mix the top three ingredients together with a little oil, place in some tinfoil, pour in a little wine, and close of the tinfoil parcel. Place in the oven, sit back, and plan the rest of your evening, because your dinner prep is done! It just needs to cook for 25 – 30 mins and it’ll be ready.

… Having said that, depending on your appetite you may wish to add a side: I had sweet potato mash with mine, but you could have potatoes, chips, couscous, lentils, etc etc.


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