Berry breakfast smoothie

I actually made this smoothie to use up some kale, but it’s so good I’ve now made it twice in two days! It’s loosely based on a recipe I found at deliciously Ella but I left out anything I didn’t have at home at the time.

If you like your smoothies, well, really smooth, this may not be for you as the frozen berries are a bit bitty (i.e. the seeds and stuff in them) and you may find tiny bits of kale if you’re not thorough in your blending. But I don’t mind any of that so I am a huge fan of this recipe.

An alternative to the kale is using porridge oats. And if you use oats instead, along with the frozen berries the ingredients can all be store cupboard (or freezer) staples meaning you don’t have to worry about about buying anything in advance of making this.

So here’s the healthy goodness that will make one tall glass:

  • 30g kale (or oats)
  • 100g frozen berries
  • 255ml hemp milk
  • 1 scoop hemp raw protein powder
  • tbsp honey (optional)
  • very generous dash of cinnamon

Just blend it all up!

Berry breakfast smoothie

I don’t add any ice to this as the frozen berries will make sure the drink is chilled. However if you’re using fresh berries then of course add ice.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the cinnamon, that somehow makes it all come together!


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